News – Did Letterman Spoil The Dark Knight Rises?

When Anne Hathaway went on The Late Show with David Letterman to promote her new film, The Dark Knight Rises, she had no intention of giving any spoilers.

Christopher Nolan is notorious for wanting people to go into his films with an open mind.  So when Dave explained to everyone that he had already seen the film, loved it and “In the end Batman is dead.” Hathaway looked stunned for a moment then they both played it off as a joke. With Hathaway apologizing to Nolan, Letterman said, “He’s not dead. He ain’t dead, just relax, will you?”

Was Letterman initially joking? Maybe, we’ve known for a while that an ending like that could be coming. After all, in the comics, Bane did break Batman’s back. This just makes me even more excited to see what the Nolan brothers have up their sleeves in that final act.

The full interview is below.

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