Say Anything… (1989)


Lloyd Dobler goes on a date with the valedictorian of his high school even when his friends tell him it’s a bad idea. His attitude is what’s the worst that could happen? He finds out the answer to that question but refuses to let her go in Cameron Crowe’s directorial debut. Continue reading

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


One of the most anticipated films of the year has finally arrived with a new director, new cast members and a throng of excited fans filling theatre seats. Does it live up to the hype or will it fall into the “let’s just move things along” middle chapter category?

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The Ward (2010)

I am looking at the poster for John Carpenter’s “The Ward” and it has a quote from a critic that says “Carpenter proves he is still the master of shock.” That is clearly a statement taken out of context because the next sentence must be something like, “This movie is so bad it is shocking Carpenter could be involved.”

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And We’re Back!

Apologies for my absence over the past year. I’m back with a vengeance and the resources to write even more and I plan to do so. Please spread the word on social network sites, all of which can be found all around the site. Again, thank you for coming back to the site with me and now let’s talk about movies.