Oh, hi there, it’s been a while. For those of you who were nice enough to follow this blog when it was at its peak of activity, you’ll notice that it has been a few years since I’ve committed significant time here. For that, I would like to apologize to anyone who followed or ever read any of my entries.

Now, with my tail between my legs let me tell you that I am returning to write movie reviews every week here at TheOpeningReel.com. However, before I get started on my first film, I thought I should tell you where I’ve been for the last three years.

After writing significantly on this blog during 2014, I was hired by a website called AllThat’sEpic.com to review films. I worked for a year for them before I let them know that I decided to take a break. That break lasted until the winter of 2016 when I was hired by an online magazine called BorrowingTape.com.

As of writing this, I still work for them and will link my author page at the end of this entry. The assignments that I get from them are mostly documentary films or small independent films and I will occasionally get to interview the directors via email. I also get the opportunity to write more lengthy opinion pieces about an entire director’s catalogue if I want to.

The point is, there are many writers at this website and some of them get to go to early screenings to films so they get first dibs on doing the review. Therefore, I’ve decided to do my reviews here and try to publicize a little bit better.

Any way you can help would be greatly appreaciated and if you have suggestions feel free to drop me a message at my email or on twitter.

I look forward to writing again very soon and I hope you still are interested in my opinion. Again, any guidance you feel would make this site better is always great to hear. I don’t mind constructive critism, as long as we are all striving toward the same goal.

Here is my author account as it currently stands on BorrowingTape.com


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