What’s up, I’m Chance. Plain and simple, I like movies. The Opening Reel is a comprehensive blog that is filled with my short ramblings, thoughts and reviews on films. As a movie advocate, I see a lot of films: in both theaters and at home. The site will have posts a few times a week that will primarily possess my thoughts on various films. The films can range from anything: some will be new, some will be old, some will be classics, and some will be things you’ve never heard of.

As far as the rating system goes, I’m a big fan of the Netflix rating system. I do wish, however, they would implement half stars, so that’s what I’m going to do in my system. Check back in from time to time, join in on the discussion if you agree or disagree. Thoughts and comments are highly encouraged. Check out the videos page to see examples of films and film makers I admire.

Rating System:

1 Star – Hate

2 Stars – Didn’t Like

3 Stars – Like

4 Stars – Really Like

5 Stars – Love

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