Instant Watching Top 10

With the Thanksgiving Weekend now upon us, a thought crossed my mind that many people face when they have some free time on their hands. “I have a couple of hours on my hands what should I watch on Netflix?”

I’ve heard this question asked dozens of times and it is a good one. There are two reasons people are intimidated when they log on. Firstly, there are a huge selection of movies and television shows (although we will just focus on movies in this post.) Secondly, and this ties in with the previous reason, for every good movie there are five bad ones. It can be tough to find that perfect movie to watch on a Saturday night, which shouldn’t be the case when you’re paying $7.99 a month.

So I dug through the archives of previously watched movies to find my 10 favorite Netflix Instant movies. These will vary by taste and I tried to keep them in the popular category. I’m not a film snob that will recommend 10 black and white foreign films. These are movies that are well known for the most part, yet still seem to slip through the Netflix cracks.

Here is my must watch list in no particular order.

1. Pulp Fiction

2. Reservoir Dogs

3. Let the Right One In

4. The Cabin In The Woods

5. Say Anything…

6. Punch Drunk Love

7. Drive

8. Glengarry Glen Ross

9. Black Hawk Down

10. There Will Be Blood 

Movies that deserve consideration: Memento, Zodiac, Tales From The Script.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions or tell me how wrong I am for selecting some of these movies.

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